About Us

EZHOPZ - an unique concept in Europe.
Where any local business and individual can open an online shop to provide services or sell products online. EZHOPZ gives no micro credit EZHOPZ gives away free online shops!

EZHOPZ is an Online Shopping Mall where everyone can open an online shop. Where visitors can shop around at thousands of shops, select various items and purchase at only one shipping and check-out point. A new way of shopping online.

EZHOPZ welcomes everyone who wishes to provide services or sell products online, from individuals to local small business. Visitors will be shown first the shops in their region before to expand further until they find what they are looking for.

EZHOPZ mission is to offer each individual and small business an online shop to increase their income and living standards. From a visitors town to all over the world.

EZHOPZ is not just a webshop.
It's truly an Online Shopping Mall where anyone can open an online shop! Without any education, knowlegde or investment.

Press releases

‘Mr. Selfrigde’ Inspired Entrepreneur is Launching an Online Shopping...

EZHOPZ AN AUTHENTIC ONLINE MALL WHERE PEOPLE BUYING & SELLING COME TOGETHER Entrepreneur Inspired by ‘Mr. Selfrigde’ Aims to Empower Economy... read more

Press Release • 18.07.2014 • By EZHOPZ